We serve many of India’s largest companies —working with clients to transform change, shape safety strategies, and drive execution.

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What we do

Identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against peers and best practice. 

Improve business outcomes by leveraging big data for better decisions. 

Provides insight about safety enablers and barriers to transfer the way critical business processes are measured and managed. 


Digital Labs enables organizations to capture new value from digital products, experiences, and businesses through new capabilities.

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Consulting Services

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Consulting Projects

As the leading consultancy serving firms, we apply our deep understanding of the industry to help companies identify safety improving opportunities, improve employee engagement, and help reduce the incident trends. 

BBS  I RBPSM  I C-ZAP  I Transformation

Each Project was of 3+ Years  Duration

Our Methodology

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Step 1 - Gap Assessment

Our consultant analyse the existing safety management system, design the best value solution for the client and then build and test a pilot.

Perception Survey

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Step 2 - Implementation

We configure our generic solution to tailor them to our client requirement and ensure improvement of processes which is usually a perfect operation and output.

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Step 3 - Sustain

We ensure that our client can easily view and measure the Return on Investment benefits bought by the CLIDE implemented solution.

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Training Services

Training Program Delivered

We created CLIDE Academy to help organisations succeed at the human side of strategy — to transform safety culture from reactive to generative.

Leadership I Risk Perception I RBPSM I BBS I Incident Investigation

More Than 22000+ Man-Day Trained

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Digital Tool



CLIDEOffice is a safety web-based application that helps the organisation manage enterprise risk with predictive data analysis. Analysing observation data to know the behavioural pattern, enterprise risk trends help reducing incident occurrence using CLIDE office big data analysis.

"Achieving Zero"​ is a reality, know where the next Incident can happen.


E-CLIDE is an e-learning portal for Safety Professional Development Courses"​ for skill and knowledge upgrade. Safety professionals can choose the course of their choice and take the course anytime anywhere on mobile. Each course has an instructor who helps you gain the skill and required knowledge to enhance your career move.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


Digital Events

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Stay Updated

We host most of our events online on various safety topics like new technology, a new way of working, improving decision making, and so forth.

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